My First…

I’m delaying this week’s blog post until tomorrow when I’ll make a very special announcement for one of my first blog followers, author Laura Diamond.

Two years and one month ago, Norma King, Laura Diamond, L.L. McKinneyMarsha Lytle, and Gina Klein joined my blog. I encourage you to stop by and see what these lovely ladies are up to. I’d like to thank them and everyone else who visits my blog for your continued support as I have pursued my passion for making stuff up a.k.a. writing fiction. I appreciate the time you take to share your advice and opinions on the post I write. I especially love it when you share them with your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. followers. Thank you!

Please be sure to stop by on Friday (11/2) to show your support for Laura!

Who was your first blog follower? [Note: WordPress has this info under Site Stats.]
 Do you know if you were anyone’s first follower? 

8 comments on “My First…

  1. dawnall says:

    Bad me. When did I join?


    “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~Anton Chekhov


  2. Hmm… I think my first follower was Pamela Mason. 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your first followers!

  3. tangynt says:

    Can it show you your first followers? If so, tell me how! lol

  4. There are three options in WordPress. Click the “W” on the top left side of the screen (next to your blog gravatar and title). Or Click the Graph bar at on the blog title bar. Or scroll all the way to the bottom of your blog page and click “Blog at”, then click the “Stats” tab, and scroll down to “Totals, Followers & Shares”. Under “Followers” WordPress displays your Blog followers. Click the word “Blog” to see your list and the “Following Since” information.

    Hope that helps!

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