It’s Official, I’m Published!

I’m so excited to announce my short story ZOMBIE KIBOSH CREW is published in the UNDEAD TALES 2 anthology. Ivy, identical
twins Dima and Vitaly, and Cherie venture into a zombie infested St. Louis to rescue survivors. It’s Ivy’s first time returning to her hometown since Z-day. Can she overcome the emotional turmoil it triggers? Or will she suffer a breakdown that will cost lives?

Zombies are real. Don’t believe me, check out this post by Laura Diamond, board certified psychiatrist, blogger, author. This post freaked me out! You should read it too, so we can all be disturbed together.

UNDEAD TALES 2 is available for only $3.99 in the Kindle version or print on (please click over and “LIKE” it to show your support), on Smashwords in a variety of formats, and through createspace in print format. I’ll post an update when the Barnes & Noble version is available.

While you’re out in cyberspace, check out Laura’s short story CITY OF LIGHT AND STONE  in the DAY OF DEMON anthology.

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My Characters Want Me To Write A Zombie Story

My characters want me to write a zombie story. I’ve watched plenty of zombie movies Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland (if you’re familiar with my blog, you know I like lists and will understand this movies appeal to me), 28 Days Later, The Crazies, Shawn of the Dead (cracked me up), Resident Evil (all of them – big Milla Jovovich fan),  I am  Legend (though, technically those were vampires) and am looking forward to the next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead (returns October 16, mark your calendars). Yet surprisingly, other than I AM LEGEND, I haven’t read a zombie novel. Does watching a bunch of zombie movies qualify me to write a zombie story? I don’t know, I just know these characters will continue haunting me until I write their story.

Has this ever happened to you? Characters coming to you with a story you feel under qualified to write? Or one out of your genre/element?