Encouragement & NA Poll results

We could all use a little encouragement now and then. It’s so easy to become discouraged. So, today I’m sharing a few Pins I’ve recently discovered on Pinterest.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Writing is hard. Oh sure, you can learn the mechanics of the craft, but it’s not always easy to string together a bunch of words which capture and hold attention. It’s hard to write in a way that makes the words disappear and leaves the reader enthralled in the world and characters the author created.

It’s important to write from the heart, because if the author ain’t feeling it, neither is the reader. Writers who write with passion (and I don’t mean the romantic kind, though it’s fun :-)) are able to evoke emotions in their readers. Let your muse out and let him/her loose on the page. Don’t worry about the plethora of rules on how to write a best seller. Sometimes, we have to forget all that stuff and focus on transforming the images/voices in our heads to words on the page. We can, and should, come back later to polish. In the first draft, have fun and just write.

As a final word of encouragement…

Need I say more?

What about you, have any words of encouragement for fellow writers? Do you have a favorite quote on writing? Have you discover any Pins you’d like to share (admits this is me searching for other writers on Pinterest)?

For curious minds, here are the results from the NA poll last week: