Big News!

I’m so proud to announce that I’ve joined the amazing group of authors at Sapphire Star Publishing! It still feels surreal. I was on vacation in Florida when one of the co-owners contacted me. As soon as I read, “Thank you for contacting Sapphire Star Publishing,” I assumed it was a nice start to yet another rejection. I actually asked my husband to read the email to confirm it was a full manuscript request. Then, came the wait and ensuing self-doubt some writers experience when their baby a.k.a. manuscript is in the hands of an agent, editor, or publisher.

When the response arrived with a publishing contract for my YA dark paranormal romance EDGE OF TRUTH, I cheered and danced around my kitchen. I’m so excited about this next phase in my writing career I hardly know what to do with myself. I’m so grateful for my amazing CPs Dawn Allen, L.L. McKinney, and Nicole McLaughlin and their continued support and encouragement over the years. The next round of Chai Tea Lattes is on me, girls! *Hugs!*

As a bonus, Nicole is also a photographer. She took my official author photo, which I’m so making my new blog, Facebook, twitter, etc. picture. Latte + cookie for you. 🙂

Even more exciting, I have a release date for EDGE OF TRUTH. 

Click here to see the official Sapphire Star Publishing announcement.

p.s. The clues I gave yesterday (excluding 4, 8, and 13) were tidbits about characters in my book.