Edge of Truth

Young Adult Novel – Paranormal Dystopia
Completed (58,000)

When Rena Moon’s emotions spike,
the ground trembles.

When Rena Moon’s emotions spike, the earth trembles. By the time she recognizes the connection and learns the depth of her ability, it’s too late. In a futuristic, economically divided society, sixteen-year-old Rena lives outside of the Eden bio-domes, and she wants in. Her discovery of valuables stashed in the forbidden Badlands can get her inside, but a merchant nicknamed “Topaz” kidnaps her best friend, Blaze and jeopardizes Rena’s dreams. He wants the treasure’s location, and he won’t hesitate to torture or kill.

Intent on saving her friend, and retaining her claim, Rena and her not-so-secret love interest Nevan go a rescue mission. They manage to find her friend, and Rena obtains something more valuable than relics; Nevan’s love. Then, Topaz and his minions track and capture them. Trapped and outnumbered, Rena’s anxiety triggers a massive earthquake, which leads to a disastrous escape attempt. She finally links her mood to the quakes, and it forces her to accept her role in Nevan’s fate. Determined to ensure Blaze’s safety, she must remain in control, choose what moral boundaries she’s willing to breach with her power, and what losses she can live with.


Nynthe Realm
Thursday, June 15, 2248

With a grip on a gnarled branch, Rena Moon trampled across the rocky terrain. The mountain’s shadow offered no relief from the afternoon heat, nor did the slight breeze. Sweat dampened clothes clung to her back and frizz sprang up along her hairline.

“Maybe I should change my last name to Canyu. Rena can you get water? Rena can you help the twins…? Rena can you…can you…can you…” She spun to face her best friend, Blaze. “And if she thinks she’s going to make me go to Solstice after what happened last year?”

“I know, but can you slow down a little?” Blaze struggled to keep up.

Rena slowed. “I told you to pick up a walking stick. It’s not breaking a Conservation Law if the branch is already dead on the ground.”

“Keep it down,” Blaze whispered. “It’s bad enough we already broke one law today. I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”

“We’re at least eight miles from the cities. The LAW doesn’t patrol here.” The thought of the androids in the Badlands made Rena cringe.

“I don’t want to miss curfew. How long will it take to get home?”

“I’m never going back to Dumpden.”

Blaze staggered. “Well, there’s nowhere else for people like us to go. Are you sure they can’t track us here.”

Won 3rd place in the Lone Start Writing Competition under WIP title “Journey to Eden”

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