YA Short Story, featuring characters from the Werewolf Huntress Series
Completed (3,410)              

 At age 17, Lexi Ripley is the only female werewolf hunter. She is blood-sworn to protect her town even if the Order and her fellow Hunters have little faith in her ability. Lexi proves her worth in a battle against a pack of werewolves led by the one that killed her predecessor.            


 Lexi hated the thought of being prey. She hated the white werewolf nightmare more. It always starts with her limping across the meadow. The wolf launches at her and brings her down. She punches and kicks, but it buries its fangs into her forearm. 

Usually, the pain wakes her. Not this time. The weight of the wolf on her chest suffocates her. Claws dig into her thigh. It whips its head around, wanting another chunk. Lexi cries for help, but has no voice. She can’t—          

Her little brother slammed open her bedroom door, waking Lexi.          

“You’re still in bed! You’re gonna make me late again, Alexandra.” Michael said her name like it was a bad word.          

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you there before the last bell.” Lexi double-checked her forearm to make sure it wasn’t bleeding. “Time is it anyway?”          


“Crap, Michael.” She flung off her blankets. “Why’d you let me sleep so late?”          

“Thought you were up.”          

Lexi stood. “You are so unaware of your environment.”          

“What’s that supposed to mean?”          

“You know exactly what it means.” Just more proof Michael wouldn’t last long as a Hunter.          


Published in October Nightmares and Dreams anthology


One comment on “Blink

  1. I read your query on YALITCHAT and like the excerpt. I wish you luck and success on your writing.

    Take care,

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