NaNo Accomplished

I’m happy to announce I am a Nano 2011 Winner! 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve never been more glad to see December 1. I’d love to also say I have a completed manuscript ready to edit, but in truth I need about 10-20,000 more words to complete the story. Either way, a large portion of it is on paper. They aren’t the best words I’ve ever written, but they are editable.

Here are some things NaNo taught me:

  • If I sit down and commit to writing (never 1,667 words/day/month again), the words will come to me.
  • It’s important to set a chunk of time aside for writing everyday. I liked how NaNo helped me increased my word count. In the future, however, I plan to work on quality over quantity.
  • It’s okay not to write a perfect, polished scene on the first try. I practiced this one a lot.
  • I now understand how much I have learned about the craft of writing because every time I wrote a passive sentence, it took everything in me not to go back and make it active. Active sentences are concise.
  • It helps to have an outline. This kept me focused on moving the story forward. Also, it was helpful to have an idea of what needed to happen to characters and where they should end up by the end of the chapter.

Here are some things I’m going to do now that NaNo is over:

  • sleep
  • devour some books
  • take one week off from writing (new stuff)
  • work on revising my contest entries for OWFI
  • visit my blog buddies who I’ve neglected in November
  • take  naps
  • reward myself with a batch brownies and consider sharing them

How about you? Did you NaNo? How did you do? What have you learned? What are you going to do next? Do you have other helpful tips?

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11 comments on “NaNo Accomplished

  1. Didn’t do NaNo this time, besides having Annaley I have 2 other “babies” that needed edited. Wish I could report that I got at least one of them done, but I didn’t. I like the challenge of NaNo, the goal of it, but prob won’t do it again. I’ve accomplished it once, so at least I know I CAN do it, if I want to. Kudos to you!!

  2. Marsha Lytle says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  3. Rita Durrett says:

    Congratulations!! I know you feel good about your accomplishment.

    I wouldn’t say I did NoNo because I didn’t do a single book but I did finish one and then wrote another. I haven’t added up the words. You were spot on with your observations as far as my writing is concerned. I, however, can’t go all the way through without editing. It just isn’t in me. It is a thinking mechanism for review, edit and then write. I also have a hard time writing every day. I need ‘mulling over’ time. Then I take a weekend day and do a lot of writing. I have finished 5 manuscripts and am putting the 6th together in my head. I will keep going until it isn’t enjoyable for me anymore. It is challenging and rewarding for me each time I finish one.

  4. Rita Durrett says:

    ***NaNo*** Like I said, I have to go back an edit. It makes me crazy when I see something I messed up and not fix it.

  5. Judith Hyde says:

    Congratulations! Job well done!
    ~~Judy H.

  6. Thanks everyone! If I could share brownies with you I would.

  7. Congratulations! It sounds like you’ve learned some good lessons and have great plans for the next little while!

    Myself, I finished 50,000 words on the 20th, finished with 65k, and learned a lot about going back to a really old plot bunny – this was a story idea I had around 1998. It gets easier and more fun every year.

    And now that it’s December, I’ve started the Holly Lisle ‘How to revise your novel’ course – but I’m not revising the book that I was working on in November.

  8. LM Preston says:

    That’s wonderful! I didn’t do it this year. I did last year and am still editing that novel. It wore me out but taught me that I could work through a deadline and survive.

  9. Duane Porter says:

    Congratulations! I can’t get the commitment needed from work and family to do a NaNo but I heartily applaud your accomplishment!

  10. n!ce……. congrats 🙂

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