My Characters Want Me To Write A Zombie Story

My characters want me to write a zombie story. I’ve watched plenty of zombie movies Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland (if you’re familiar with my blog, you know I like lists and will understand this movies appeal to me), 28 Days Later, The Crazies, Shawn of the Dead (cracked me up), Resident Evil (all of them – big Milla Jovovich fan),  I am  Legend (though, technically those were vampires) and am looking forward to the next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead (returns October 16, mark your calendars). Yet surprisingly, other than I AM LEGEND, I haven’t read a zombie novel. Does watching a bunch of zombie movies qualify me to write a zombie story? I don’t know, I just know these characters will continue haunting me until I write their story.

Has this ever happened to you? Characters coming to you with a story you feel under qualified to write? Or one out of your genre/element?

19 comments on “My Characters Want Me To Write A Zombie Story

  1. Nicole mc says:

    WHAT?! Awesome! Are these current characters? I can’t wait to read this…get busy! *wink*

  2. Nicole mc says:

    Btw, LOVE the new design. The only thing it needs is a beautiful photo of you….let’s do it!

  3. dawnall says:

    As a lifelong mystery/suspense/thriller lover, I was stunned when my YA characters informed me that my book would fall into the Sci/Fi genre. Unfortunately, while we want to believe we are in control, our characters are driving the bus.

  4. Have you read Forest of Hands and Teeth and Dead Tossed Waves?

  5. RosieC says:

    I think you imagination qualified you to write whatever you want. Look at Stephenie Meyer (do I really want to go there?). She wrote vampire novels without any knowledge of vampire lore, and look at her now. If you don’t fit everything into the typical lore, you just have to make your new world convincing and without logic holes. If you can do that, people will read it (plus, your writing is WAY more compelling).

    Oh, and may I also suggest BRAINS by Robin Becker? Told from the zombie’s POV. I didn’t love it (why didn’t I write a review on GoodReads? I might have to do that this afternoon), but it’s a nice twist on the typical zombie lore and a quick, engaging read.

  6. Duane Porter says:

    No one is born qualified to do anything. If you want to write a zombie story, research the subject (and movies are stories, too), decide how you want to put your twist on it, and go for it! If you have a passion for the zombie theme, you’ll probably excel in writing one.

  7. Hi Natasha,

    Do write a Zombie book, please. I have watched and loved all the zombie movies you listed there. I think that you know as much as any good writer of zombies needs to about Zombies, It’s sort of like you’ve already done the research. 😉

    I like the new blog look. Sorry it’s been a while since I have been by.

  8. Kerri says:

    I LOVE zombie stories! BTW also like the banner, nice job.

  9. I think it’s cool when the urge to stretch calls to you! I say, go for it! 🙂

  10. I love zombie movies! Although I won’t watch alone — hubby must be next to me, ha,ha. As for the books, I’m like you — haven’t read any just yet. Well, I started Forest of Hands and Teeth but didn’t like it. It just wasn’t my thing 🙂

  11. For Halloween, my 7 year old grandson wants to be a Zombie Hunter, and he wants his little sister to be a Zombie. Now there’s a story in there somewhere. Let your imagination take where you want to be.

  12. […] My Characters Want Me To Write A Zombie Story […]

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