Blog Safari – Stop 15

This is the last installment, but by no means least, for my blog safari.

The fifteenth stop on my quest to discover 15 new bloggers is lbdiamond. In December 2010, I interviewed Laura for my “What Does Your Manuscript Sound Like” blog chat.

Why I like it
There are so many reasons to like this awesome blog. Mental Health Mondays give insight into character’s minds and behaviors and if you’re looking for specific information, just send your question to Laura. Flake-Out-Friday makes me laugh out loud overtime. There’s also a Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog which features a single question answered by multiple bloggers as well as a variety of writing related posts.

Why you might like it
Laura is a blogger with a great sense of humor and tons of useful information.

Did you visit this site? What do you think?

For a list of other sites, click here.

3 comments on “Blog Safari – Stop 15

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Woot! Thanks for the shout-out! *blushes*

  2. Kerri Cuevas says:

    Laura has a GREAT blog! What a fun blog safari!

  3. Crystal says:

    Hm… Going to have to make a stop by. Thanks for the suggestion!

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