Blog Safari – 11

The eleventh stop on my quest to discover 15 new bloggers is Writer’s Ally.

Why I like it
Uplifting blog. Sheri Larsen also has a MG-YA Writer’s Toolbox with links to other writing websites/blogs. She also has constant contests and give-aways.

Why you might like it
She has a variety of helpful sites and hey, you might just win something.

Did you visit this site? What do you think? Or do you have another blog you’d like to recommend? Please leave the link below.

For a list of other sites, click here.

2 comments on “Blog Safari – 11

  1. I’ve been following Shari’s blog for a few weeks now. I love what she has to offer new and established writers. What a great platform.

    I would also like to recommend Elli Writes at She has some great blogs, and reasonably priced editorial services.

    Also, I recommend C-C Lester’s blog. What an incredible adventurist/writer. You may find her at

    Thanks, Natasha.

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