What are Your Top 5?

I’m taking a poll for an upcoming presentation on writing for YA. I searched the internet, found all sorts of Top lists, but I want to know what real people think. Interested in helping?

What are your Top 3 – 5 authors/books in the paranormal, dark fantasy, urban fantasy…genre?

15 comments on “What are Your Top 5?

  1. tangynt says:

    The Mortal Instruments series – By Cassie Claire

    I Am Number Four – By Patricus Lore

    Harry Potter – By JK Rowling (I know they start off as children’s books but they most definitely don’t end that way)

    Paranormalcy – By Kiersten White

  2. The Mortal Instruments series – Cassandra Clare

    Harry Potter series – J. K. Rowling (don’t know if they count for the genres you’re looking at…?)

    His Dark Materials series – Philip Pullman (not sure if these count either, but I adore them)

    Ok, then after that it gets hard because there are so many… But the above three are DEFINITELY at the top for me!

    Twilight series, White Cat, Paranormalcy, I Am Number Four, Nightshade, Graceling…

  3. Nicole Mc says:

    This is tough.

    Simone Elkeles
    Libba Bray
    JK Rowling
    Anna Godbersen
    PC Cast

    There are a lot of classics though that I would like to include…but I was guessing you were going more for modern? AND, some of them were one hit wonders! lol

    • Nicole Mc says:

      Ooohhhh, I read to quickly and didn’t see the paranormal/dark fantasy part. Hmmmm, then my new list is as follows.

      Libba Bray
      JK Rowling
      PC Cast
      Stephenie Meyer
      Suzanne Collins

  4. Thanks everyone! Keep those Top 5 coming.

  5. Aimee says:

    Hello fellow crusader / group member – love the post. I’ll get some new reading from your comments I think.

    As for me, hmm…

    I’m a new fan of Anna Kendall (Crossing Over)
    There’s the omnipresent Rowling and Meyer.
    Love Eoin Colfer’s voice in Artemis Fowl
    And, although he isn’t technically YA, my VERY favorite and most recommended author / series is Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. The protags are in their late teens when the book starts and I started reading it at that age.

  6. Kerri Cuevas says:

    The Mortal Instruments
    Harry Potter series
    Infernal Device series
    Beautiful Creatures
    Hope that helps 🙂

  7. nindogs says:

    First off, ello boyo. Fellow crusader and group memberado. (:

    I’m going to have to say…
    Cassandra Clare’s THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS
    JK Rowling’s HARRY POTTER

    Sorry, I don’t have another. I can’t really remember any. But I can give you my brother’s and my best friend’s favourites, if that helps.

    There’s I AM NUMBER FOUR by Pittacus Lore and PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS by Rick Riordan. Also, Richelle Mead’s VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

    Hope that helps. (I hear WHITE CAT by Holly Black’s also good. I’m planning on trying to get my hands on it soon.)

  8. Top five MG books: Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, City of Ember, Eleven, and Shutterbugs and Car Thieves.

    Came over to follow from the crusade. Hiya!

  9. Margo Kelly says:

    OH. I agree with the great lists above. Nice! I am a fellow crusader stopping by to say hello! I’m a new follower.

  10. So far, JK Rowling is leading the poll with Cassie Claire and Stephanie Meyers tied for second, and Patricus Lore in third.

    Is your Top 5 missing from the list? Still time to add more.

    Thanks so much everyone.

  11. I guess you mean the top five in paranormal/fantasy, right? I can only come up with three because these are writers I’ve read in this category. Give me a C for effort.

    Libby Brae
    Michelle Zinc
    JK Rowling

  12. Ummm, well, I just read what I can get my hands on and if I’m not reading, I’m writing. Sorry for not being any help. :/

    It is nice to meet a fellow crusader. Have a fabulous weekend!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  13. Susan Fields says:

    Hi fellow crusader!

    I love Holly Black’s Tithe and Ironside. Also, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. And Suzanne Collins is my absolute favorite.

  14. Hi fellow Crusader, Stopping by to say hello and to follow your blog. I don’t have any names to add besides the awesome ones named above.

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