Another Exercise in Voice

Early, I posted an exercise on Character Voice a.k.a. characters’ attitudes toward their environment.  I had a blast reading the comments in response to how characters would finish the line, “Life’s like a box of chocolates…”

You never know where/when the next ‘light bulb’ moment will happen. My inspiration for the next exercise came to me while driving by a handyman truck with the slogan that read “From Mild to Wild”. My first thought: wish I had my camera, nobody’s gonna believe this. Second thought: a writer could take a line like that anywhere, no matter if they wrote paranormal, romance, horror, crime mysteries, etc. Which made me think how much genre affects the voice of a story. Word choices, sentence flow, details…all vary according to the author’s intent with the story.

My challenge for you comes in the form of this quick prompt.

The third police car concerned him.

Write the next line(s) from two different genres.  Here are a few to choose from, but feel free to add your own: paranormal, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, science fiction, romance, humor, chick lit, action adventure. Did you stick to your comfort genre or stray? Were you able to convey the genre through voice?

For tips on Voice, be sure to read Dawn Allen’s and Laura Diamond’s guest blogger posts.

2 comments on “Another Exercise in Voice

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Then again, he was a ghost, so it wasn’t like he’d leave any physical evidence behind. Still, his whole body–or spirit–trembled with what he’d just done.

    He decided to stick around regardless of the police raiding his love’s apartment. It was his duty to wait for her soul to join him. Then they could be together forever.

    Whether she wanted it or not.

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