Blog Safari– Stop 3

The third stop on my quest to discover 15 new bloggers is: First Novels Club.

Why I like it
The four authors who maintain First Novels Club are YA authors, like me (Yay!). This is a wonderful example of a healthy critique group actively using social media. I like the style/voice of their posts. Donna’s post for October 16 is so me right now. They also have a long list of recommended blogs, some of which I will visit on my blog safari.

 Why you might like it
Great articles,  interviews/guest posts, book reviews, and of course giveaways. The deadline for the 2011 Guide for Literary Agents giveaway is October 29, 2010. I hope you’ll visit the First Novels Club blog. Maybe even enter the contest, but I don’t wish you luck if you do because I want to win.

Did you visit this site? What do you think? Or do you have another blog you’d like to recommend? Please leave the link below.

2 comments on “Blog Safari– Stop 3

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Neat blog–thanks for posting about it!

  2. Natasha Hanova says:

    I hope my critique group Novel Clique can establish a similar site some day. We just started the group blog so it was wonderful to stumble upon another group to see how they manage it and get ideas for things we may want to incorporate into ours.

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