Blog Chain — Facing the Keyboard After Rejection

Nivet DilmenDawn posed this interesting question: How do you stay motivated at your most unmotivated?

Rejection hurts! There are few things worse than sending a piece of your heart, i.e. a story you poured your soul into, to a potential agent/editor only to have them send you a form rejection letter. You know the one, “Dear Author, after careful consideration… blah blah blah…we decided your piece doesn’t work for us at this time.” Some even work in a “don’t give up,” but it’s hard to hear their encouragement over the sound of a breaking heart.

It’s easy to forget how many submissions agents/editors receive everyday.  How they have to train themselves to make snap judgements to save their sanity and time. They honestly can’t give a personal response to each and every query. Even when I think my manuscript fits perfectly with a certain agent, it doesn’t mean that my writing style speaks to that particular person. Who wants an agent who isn’t enthusiastic about their work?

But that still leaves me with another rejection on the nail. So, how do I deal with that growing pile. Easy answer: my writer’s group. They’re like my own personal cheerleaders. And in my particular group, we celebrate rejection. Every rejection received is a step in the right direction. It means we’re out there. We’re trying and as author’s that’s the most we can do.

Be sure to check Marsha’s site for her thoughts on staying motivated. Also, feel free to add your comments below or link a chain to this blog.

2 comments on “Blog Chain — Facing the Keyboard After Rejection

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Oh, yeah, the R’s!!! Bleh. I totally screwed up and queried waaaaaay too early last time, so I became VERY familiar with the R. Grr. Hopefully, I’ve learned a thing or two since then, but I fully expect to get a bunch more R’s regardless.

    One thing I’d add is that you have to believe in yourself too. 😉

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