Characters Who Keep You Up Late

I recently came across a post on Diamond – Yup like the stone about creating compelling characters. She has a list of seven qualities to make characters come to life on the page and also has a link to Elana Johnson’s blogfest today which is ripe with helpful information.

Relatable characters are so important because if a potential agent/editor doesn’t care about the characters, they won’t care about the manuscript. Characters more than anything else, for me anyway, are the thing that keeps me up late when I really should put the book down and go to bed. I just have to know how on earth they’re gonna get out of a tight spot and hope they’ll survive it. Some of my favorite characters come from books by Kelly Armstrong, P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast and Lara Adrian, to name a few.

Which authors keep you up late?

2 comments on “Characters Who Keep You Up Late

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Thanks for linking to me! 😀

    The Harry Potter series kept me up late, for sure! 😉

  2. Dawn Allen says:

    Harlan Coben, Joy Fielding, and just about every thriller writer whose books I devour. Wish I could learn to emulate them.

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