BLOG CHAIN–Go Back to the Beginning

Margie started this round of the blog chain with this FANTASTIC question:

How did you come to write your YA genre (e.g. contemp, fantasy, etc.)? AND (yep, it’s a 2 parter), if you weren’t writing that, what genre would you be interested in exploring?

I didn’t start out writing YA paranormal. When I first joined Novel Clique (a critique group) eons ago I thought I was a horror writer. Anyone who knows me can tell you how silly that is, not that I can’t write a spooky story. Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? One of my critique partners told me I wrote romance. That made me think she was silly, but over the years I’ve slowly come to admit she may have had a point. My stories are the mushy or spicy kind — not that there’s anything wrong with it — but they do tend to have a lyrical feeling to them and there’s usually a love interest or unrequited love. I really, really enjoy reading YA paranormal. So, I decided to gi ve it a try and loved it.

I’d also like to explore quiet horror or a thriller. Maybe I’ll give it a try in short story form.

Be sure to check out lbdiamond’s blog from Sunday.

6 comments on “BLOG CHAIN–Go Back to the Beginning

  1. lbdiamond says:

    Thanks for the link back! It is an interesting journey, finding where our voice and talent is, isn’t it? 😀

  2. dawnall says:

    I stumbled headlong into it while I was writing what I thought I wanted to.

  3. Marieke says:

    Intriguing question!

    One of my two current WIPs was actually meant to be UF. Only the F-element of that genre sort of disappeared, leaving me with a contemporary YA instead! I’m enjoying it loads, but it was a bit unexpected! Especially considering I always thought of myself as a fantasy writer! (My other WIP is historical fantasy, so fortunately that still holds true too ;-))

  4. dawnall says:

    When are we going to start this circle blogging?

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