Edge of Truth – Book Trailer #1

Part 2 of Why Make a Book Trailer for an Unpublished Book?

Here’s my first attempt at a book trailer. Click on the “Rate This” stars above this post if you like this video better. Voting is anonymous, so don’t be shy. And thanks for helping me decide which one to keep.

4 comments on “Edge of Truth – Book Trailer #1

  1. lytlem says:

    I still like elements of both of your trailers, but this one doesn’t even mention Nevan and that is a huge part of the story. Will be interested in seeing what other people vote who don’t know the story as well as I do.

  2. Really liked the second one better as it tells me why the cave is important and it ties in other things more. It also gives a near-bulleted list of obstacles and dangers, which is great.

  3. Thanks Victoria! It’s great to get a perspective from someone who hasn’t read the manuscript.

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