Edge of Truth – Book Trailer #2

This is the second attempt making a book trailer. Click the “Rate This” stars above if you like this trailer better than number one.

5 comments on “Edge of Truth – Book Trailer #2

  1. Rita Durrett says:

    I didn’t rate them because I couldn’t decide. Mine were so rough watching because of buffering. I was pretty confused and not sure what the book was about. Liked the images and music. The second one explained the images better but still felt jumbled. Maybe it was just me. I am tired and it had to buffer a lot on my computer so it was frustraiting.

  2. Rita Durrett says:

    Ok, tried watching from this web site instead of from my email. Much smoother, no buffering. Still a little confusing. I think the first one peaked curiosity without trying to pack so much in the piece. Both were good but I would vote for the first one.

  3. Went with the second one… it seemed to fit the genre that you are trying to reach better. It was little too much in the face for my personal taste, but hey, that’s my own darn problem.

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