What’s in A Title?

My recent participation in the WriteOnCon, a free Online Children’s Writer’s Conference, made me re-evaluate the title of the piece I submitted for critique — Journey to Eden. I have actively pursued representation for this work and it even place third in the Lone Star Writing Competition.

Part of the requirements for submitting a piece for critique at WriteOnCon was critiquing at least five other pieces. I found myself selecting pieces based on genre first, then title. If the title didn’t intrigue me, I didn’t click the link. Journey to Eden is a nice enough title, but is it enough to catch someone’s interest? Probably not. So, I revised it.

Dawn, one of my Novel Clique critique partners,  she said, “I like Edge of Truth better because this society is balanced on a precipe. Any misstep and all crumbles into a valley of falsehood. You’ve got a great metaphor with Edge of Truth.”

Although editors/publishers will often make changes, there’s a certain joy that comes with finding just the right name for a manuscript, setting, character, paranormal entity.

Has anyone else experienced changes to names/titles in a completed work? How about a work-in-progress (WIP)?

3 comments on “What’s in A Title?

  1. tangynt says:

    I remember trying to come up for a title for what is now Heritage Blade. Technically I didn’t change it, because it didn’t have a title before I chose that one. I actually refused to name because nothing seemed to fit, so it didn’t have one for almost a year.

    Then, one night, my friends and I were sitting in this Hookah bar and sipping chair tea lattes while I bounced ideas for a title off of them. They were my Beta Readers and whatnot so they knew the story. This was this… umpteenth night and probably thousandth hour at this, but that evening one of them said “What about Heritage Blade?” It gave me chills it sounded so right.

    I remember reading somewhere before that title’s should be shiver worthy, so it was something to actually experience that for myself. I think you sort of… know when you’ve got the perfect title. ^_^

  2. Hi, Natasha. The blog looks great. My working title for my book was just “Ronai,” but I knew I would have to change it. Wednesday morning group helped me come up with “Mourn Their Courage,” but I didn’t really like it much at first. Yes, it conveyed the book perfectly and yes, the poem it came from in the book might be recognized (it comes from the original source of my novel) and followed by devotees of my subject matter, but still…. Well, it’s grown on me and I think it’s the perfect title now. What worries me is, I’ve had some folks tell me it turns them off because it makes the book sound like a downer. LOL Can’t win. The book’s about war, so it’s not exactly Erma Bombeck. 🙂

  3. Victoria, that’s an awesome title. It is ripe with emotional termoil. And sounds perfect for a war book.

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