Almost Ready to Market

My critique group has finished the first round of edits on The Killing Tree. I even managed to get it down to the exact word count I wanted — 1,980, because it’s divisible by 55. Readers won’t know the word count, I trimmed the words for my muse and because most magazines/contest are for short stories 2,000 words and under.

I found seven possible publishers on for a dark fantasy short story like The Killing Tree. I plan to start with the Pill Hill Press Shadows & Light, Volume II: More Legends, then if they decide to pass I’ll submit to New Genre. I like having a list of potential markets because this guarantees the story won’t stay on my desk long between rejections. That may sound a bit pessimist, but it’s the reality of being a writer. This job comes with a lot of rejection.

2 comments on “Almost Ready to Market

  1. ginaklein says:

    And yet we keep on writing! 🙂 Rejections keep us going, that’s for sure.

    Good luck with The Killing Tree!

  2. dawnall says:

    Work on. Each draft will improve the story.

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