Planting A Story Seed

With a new young adult story idea in mind, I turned to You Can Write a Novel by James V. Smith, Jr. over the weekend. My goal is to work on my idea for 15-20 minutes everyday using this book as a guide.

I’ve completed Chapter 1: Find and Refine a Salable Idea for Your Novel. Smith lists five criteria in which I ranked my idea. This helped identify the weak spots. Next, I defined my genre, created a draft title and summarized my idea. By the end of Chapter 1, I felt like I had a firm hold on my story concept, but also know that stories are organic things. It will change and grow, but for now, it looks like this:

BLINK: YA paranormal
Lexi Ripley, the only female werewolf hunter is the best hope to battle against an infestation the queen werewolf caused. Lexi’s boyfriend’s determination to rescue his missing brother blinds him to the queen’s trap, leaving Tyler Thorne one of the hunted.

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