Gathering Tools

Started Chapter 2 and I’m having a blast. It brought out my creative side and left me with a prototype of what I hope my book will look like. Caution: Results may vary depending on computer skills. Holding the prototype reminds me of something I used to say while playing cards with my family. “I already won this round, I’m just picking up the cards for show.” Some called it wishful thinking. I prefer to think of it as calling good karma.

 With that in mind: I already sold this story, I’m just typing for show.

 What about you? What methods/techniques do you use for motivation?

2 comments on “Gathering Tools

  1. Chocolate mostly just works on my thighs, but I’m enjoying myself. LOL

    I need to be enjoying just reading and learning before ideas start hitting me. Right now, I’m so focused on editing and agent-hunting, I’m not enjoying myself. ARGH!

  2. Chocolate, yes, and either tea or coffee are necessities.

    I sometimes think my best motivation during the editing/querying phase is a sort of negative incentive–basically, not wanting to experience the self-disgust of knowing I was supposed to work on the project but didn’t. Not wanting to let myself down.

    Ahh, but the reading and learning phase Vicki mentions is pleasurable enough not to require much more than the chocolate. Even writing the first draft doesn’t usually require too much external motivation. It’s everything that comes after the first draft that’s such a bear.

    Lisa C.

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